Group Transcribe: lo último del garaje de Microsoft

Group Transcribe: the latest from the Microsoft garage

It seems that Microsoft has a focus on languages, and Group Transcribe is the latest example of it. A proposal that is also born from The Garage, a Microsoft innovation space that is worth paying a lot of attention to. And is that if only a week ago we talked about Microsoft Translator has added nine new languages, today we know, for a post on your blog, that Groups Transcribe intends to bring some of its translation functions to meetings, as its name suggests.

With Group Transcribe, Microsoft has developed an app, currently available only for iOS, that allows groups of people to capture transcripts of face-to-face meetings in real time using their phones. “This application uses a multi-device approach to provide high-quality, real-time transcription and translation so that users can be more present and productive during in-person conversations and meetings.”, We can read on the blog.

Meeting participants who want to use Group Transcribe each of them will have to open the app on their smartphone, and one of them must start the transcription, to which the rest of the participants will have to join, something that they can do using an alphanumeric code, a bidi code or via bluetooth. Once all participants have opened the app and connected to the transcript, you can start the meeting.

From that moment on, Group Transcribe will begin to transcribe the group’s conversation, also noting which participant corresponds to each participation in the same. Group Transcribe can also automatically translate what participants say, and display those immediate translations as part of the transcript. Once the meeting is over, the transcript will be saved in the app, thus allowing it to be reviewed later.

Group Transcribe does not require a login to use the applicationAll you have to do is add your name and your preferred language. The app, yes, sends data to the cloud as part of the process of transcription and identification of the speaker, but Microsoft allows you to choose if you want to share recordings of meetings, which will be used to improve Microsoft’s speech recognition technologies. As this is a group transcript, all group members must have agreed to share recordings before sharing one with Microsoft.

Microsoft suggests that, for optimal operation, each person participating in the meeting should keep their phone «to reach«, And a FAQ states that Group Transcribe does not have a limit to the number of people who can join a transcript, but notes that the application works best for meetings with up to four people. Osoft.





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