The Alien saga returns to video games with Aliens: Fireteam, a third person shooter that it will come to us this summer to PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Developed by Cold iron studiosThis new title will focus on cooperative multiplayer and will perfectly recreate the atmosphere of Aliens (1986).

The announcement of the game left us very surprised, and now its creators have launched an extensive 25 minute gameplay, which shows how the gameplay will be, the different classes we can choose from, as well as the recreation of the xenomorphs and the scenarios.

Although Aliens Fireteam will be focused on cooperative multiplayer, that does not mean that it will do without single player modalities, and there will be even four different campaigns. Craig zinkievich, from Cold Iron Studios, states that the game will be challenging and very varied.

These campaigns will have three main missions each, and we can play them with our friends or other people, either in local multiplayer or online. Of course, we can also play them alone, together with the AI, and we will run into up to 11 different kinds of xenomorphs.

Its creators claim that they have implemented different modes of difficulty, as well as challenge cards that will make Aliens Fireteam very replayable. As we can see in the trailer, we will have an interface to see the health of our allies, their weapons, as well as the possibility of collecting boxes and items around the stages.

As it happened in other games of the saga or in the movie Aliens, we will have at our disposal the classic armament of the Marines. This implies that the mythical pulse rifle will return, whose radar It has given us nightmares for years (rather its characteristic sound).

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Fans of the saga are very excited about Aliens Fireteam, and everyone agrees that I hope the game lives up to the license. Graphically it is not surprising, but there are some details that shine with their own light, such as lighting, shading or physics of the xenomorphs.

Aliens Fireteam will go on sale on next summer, available in PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC; Take a look at the 25-minute gameplay and your optimism will grow like foam ... if you survive the Hive and its Majesty, of course.

Source: IGN