This iPadOS 15 design shows how Apple could revolutionize the iPad

iPadOS 15

iPadOS 15 will be the next version of the operating system that Apple created a couple of years ago for iPads, the absolute leaders in tablet sales. In the absence of knowing what the guys from Cupertino will be able to offer and if – as we hope after the change in architecture towards ARM for Mac – it advances towards the single operating system, we have a most attractive proof of concept.

iPadOS was the big news at the WWDC 2019 developer conference. If until then all Apple tablets had used iOS, the company explained that they needed a new operating system for “Recognize the distinctive iPad experience” and introduce other aspects beyond iPhone development. A strategy similar to that used when creating watchOS for your smart watches or tvOS for living room entertainment, although the version for tablets is the most interesting variant.

Although the connection with iOS is still evident, the original version was extensively improved last year in iPadOS 14 with new features designed specifically for the iPad and custom applications. iPadOS 15 is in development and the final version is expected next fall, but not before Apple presents new hardware, iPad Pro 2021 or the iPad mini 6 for the entry range.

How could it be iPadOS 15?

Is it possible to improve Apple software designs when this section is unquestionably brilliant? Kamer Kaan Avdan, an artist who has created in the past concepts for all Windows, the version of Windows 10 for Mac, Android 12 or Windows 20 as the future of Microsoft systems, has published your vision of what iPadOS 15 could look like.

It has the ability to place apps, files, folders, and widgets anywhere on the home screen, as well as the option to drag and drop files and folders onto that item. We see interactive widgets, improved external display support, and a library of apps.

Multitasking has been improved as has multiuser capability. We see a really cool cursor mode, a redesigned control center, and new features like the ability to open and resize iPhone apps in Slide over.

It looks great this iPadOS 15 reimagined, although we have to insist as we do on these design concepts, that it is much easier to capture all these ideas in drawings where they are only limited by the imagination of the creative, than to transfer them to a software code using 0 and 1 and make it work properly for tens of millions of devices.



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