Europol alerts of counterfeit COVID-19 PCR tests

pruebas PCR de COVID-19

The European Police Organization has warned of the increase in falsified COVID-19 PCR tests circulating throughout the Old Continent. They use “official” software apparently stolen from laboratories, high-quality printers and mobile applications to sell them at prices between 100 and 300 euros.

In the middle of the third wave of the pandemic, with thousands of deaths a day, a record of infections and an overwhelmed hospital situation, we only needed a group of irresponsible consciously spread the virus between countries or regions thanks to counterfeit COVID-19 PCR tests. Taking into account that the price of the official tests is much cheaper than that charged by criminals, we can conclude that those who use these “services” are infected looking for false negative certificates in order to travel without restrictions.

According to Europol, the well-known Rathkeale Rovers mafia gang, which operates in several European countries, is using a mobile phone application to “Manually falsify test results” which are then sold to travelers. for hundreds of euros. “As long as travel restrictions are maintained due to the pandemic, criminals are very likely to seize the opportunity to produce and sell fake Covid-19 test certificates”, warns Europol.

Criminals use the widespread technological means available. High-quality printers and software with which “They can produce high-quality forged documents”. The investigation is open and it is expected to identify, locate and arrest the creators of these fraudulent certificates that are operating in transportation hubs and over the Internet through certain forums and messaging applications.

The buyers of these fake tests are also risking it and are just as (or more) responsible than the counterfeiters. It is not the first time that they have been detected and in Spain a woman was arrested in December who offered false certificates online, sending the document by email in less than 24 hours. Both are faced with a Crime against public health which carries prison sentences.

And is that misfortunes are always taken advantage of by criminals. And by cybercriminals. Research and development of vaccines has been the target of cyber attacks sustained since the beginning of the year, practically since the pandemic began in China. The same with the illegal sale of unapproved masks or “remedies” as a treatment against COVID-19 promoted by scammers of all kinds. Not to mention how the misinformation in everything related to the virus and the pandemic.

Beware of all this. And if you see an advertisement for fraudulent COVID-19 PCR tests online, it is best to report it to the police. We are risking too much to allow these criminals to act.



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