34-inch MSI Artymis 343CAR curves its screen and price

MSI Artymis 343CAR

Increasing its commitment to dedicated gamers, MSI today expands its curved gaming monitor series with the Artymis 343CAR with 1000R camber. And it is that this standard is currently considered the most suitable curvature for the human eye, adapting perfectly to our natural field of vision, allowing us to always see the entire screen without incurring extra effort or fatigue.

In addition to this curved panel, we will find a 34-inch screen compatible with resolutions up to 4K (3440 x 1440) and HDR400, maintaining response times of just 1 millisecond, and a refresh rate of 165Hz. In this way, this monitor promises to handle frame rates above 60 fps, assuming of course that we have enough hardware to reach that figure first.

But without a doubt the great advantage of the Artymis 343CAR is that it will once again have a wide variety of features and enhancements based on artificial intelligence. The first is OptixScope, a feature patented by MSI, with which the screen will offer a pointing loupe that essentially functions as an eight-stage zoom. With it, we will be able to assign hotkeys to zoom in on a monitor point while reducing the mouse DPI, creating a notable advantage for first-person shooter games.

Although we will also have other improvements such as Smart Brightness through the app Gaming OSD, an integrated microphone capable of eliminating noise through AI calculations, and the mode Night Vision AI, which is featured as the world’s first smart black tone tuner.

Finally, it should be noted that, despite being mainly oriented for PCs, the Artymis 343CAR also has the MSI console mode, designed to natively support the new PS5 and Xbox Series X, thus establishing itself as a quite interesting option for those who share a monitor in their game stations.

Availability and price

Currently we can find the MSI Artymis 343CAR already booked on the MSI website and Amazon (apparently with the wrong images), marking a starting price of $ 899.99 and an availability date to come in a month or two.



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