The Spanish antiviral Aplidin becomes the great world hope against COVID-19


Aplidin is the commercial name of a drug from the Spanish biotechnology company PharmaMar, which uses plitidepsin as an active component. Although it was originally created against cancer, it just received a huge boost as a drug in the treatment of COVID-19.

The prestigious magazine Science has published the results of a team of international researchers from various universities and health centers, led by the Spanish virologist Adolfo García-Sastre, from the Monte Sinaí Hospital in New York. And they are extremely promising, so much so as to make Aplidin the great world hope against coronavirus.

The conclusions of the magazine is that Plitidepsin “Has a powerful preclinical efficacy against SARS-CoV-2 by attacking the eEF1A protein” (basis of the coronavirus) and ensures that “Plitidepsin should be seriously considered to expand clinical trials for the treatment of COVID-19”. Science states that phase II trials in animals infected with SARS-CoV-2, plitidepsin almost totally (99%) decreased viral load In the lungs.

The journal also highlights that the degree of toxicity of Aplidin (an essential aspect in antivirals) presents a safety profile that is well established in humans and the necessary doses are lower than those of other experiments and should be well tolerated when they are carried out. human testing.

Another notable aspect of Plitidepsin is that acts equally against any type of mutation (so far known the British, South African, Brazilian strains or the last one detected in Denmark) since it blocks the ‘target’ molecule that is inside our cells (eEF1A) and does not mutate, or change, and is necessary for the development of SARS -CoV-2 whatever its variant.

PharmaMar is in negotiations with the Spanish drug agency to advance to phase III, the last with humans before its potential authorization for commercialization, which the biotech company expects in the middle of this year.

It must be remembered that the world has not yet created specific treatments against COVID-19 and that the virus will not disappear despite the arrival of vaccines. That is why it is important to have medications that can combat it. At the moment, only the use of an antiviral against COVID-19, remdesivir, has been approved. Published results confirm that Aplidin (plitidepsin) is 100 times more potent than remdesivir.

The latest trials are missing, the most important, and the ideal would be a massive vaccination together with prevention measures (mask, social distance …) that in no case should we abandon, but as we said the coronavirus will not disappear and drugs such as Aplidin they are a great hope for effective treatments without side effects.



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