Microsoft teases MacBook Pro in new Surface Pro 7 ad

Surface Pro 7

The advertising of products in which their characteristics are praised by comparing them with the competition with a burlesque tone come from afar and there is no great company that has not fallen for them … as Microsoft has just done again in the new announcement of the Surface Pro 7 that you can see on these lines.

There, a kid unpacks the brand new two-in-one from Redmond and the quintessential laptop from Cupertino and gets into an attack position: what if the Surface Pro 7 offers a complete touch experience, pen included, while the MacBook Pro only has a sad strip with touch support – quiet, friend, that the Touch Bar could have its days numbered – that the design of the Surface Pro 7 is amazing because it allows you to remove the keyboard, while the MacBook Pro does not arrive nor to open completely …

Nor does it overlook the opportunity to mention the software factor in the comparison, much higher in the case of Windows, including of course full compatibility with the most popular games on the market. «And then there is the price«, He concludes, of 1,299 dollars for the MacBook Pro and 890 dollars for the Surface Pro 7. They forget to point out, of course, that for the base price what you have is a totally stripped Surface Pro 7, without the pencil or the keyboard and with half the storage space of Apple equipment.

That said, no one doubts – or no one should doubt – that the Surface Pro 7 It is certainly a more versatile device than the MacBook Pro and, once you improve the basic components, it will end up being much cheaper. But it’s easier to stay in the surface to dig a little deeper.

“Only Surface Pro 7 has the versatility and portability of a tablet and laptop. With features like a detachable touchscreen, keyboard, and stylus, and enough power to run your favorite apps, you can work or play from anywhere. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has everything you need to do what you love, “says the ad.



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