How to know what speed of Internet connection I have

velocidad de conexión a Internet

The speed of Internet connection that we have will depend, directly, of the rate that we have contracted. It is that simple because, in the end, we are talking about a service, and it is the provider that has the contractual responsibility to comply with the speed that it has offered us. However, we must be very careful with this issue, since some providers may offer a high speed, but this is not fully guaranteed. For example, in fiber optic connections, it is normal to offer a guaranteed minimum of 80% of maximum speed.

The service that we have contracted, and the quality of it, will determine the basis of our internet connection speed, Although this may be affected, later, by other important aspects, among which we can highlight:

  • The router and the hardware we use.
  • If we connect by cable or Wi-Fi, and in the latter case, the standard used, the distance and the obstacles.
  • The settings can also influence the maximum speed.
  • The degree of saturation of our connection.
  • The status of the servers to which we connect.

For example, we may have a 1 Gbps fiber connection, but if we connect through a 100 Mbps cable We will be underusing it for an error as serious as it is easy to solve. On the other hand, if we have a perfect connection but we connect to servers that are saturated and have high latency, our experience will be terrible, although obviously the fault will not be the speed of our Internet connection.

In the end, the Internet connection speed, and other important aspects, such as latency, will not depend solely on our hardware and our provider, They will also be affected by other external elements against which we will not be able to do anything, unfortunately.

How do I know my Internet connection speed?

There are many ways to do it, but with this article we want to reach all users, even those with less knowledge, so we are going to share with you one of the simplest, fastest and most reliable ways to discover the speed of Internet connection that we have, and also the latency.

The Speedtest internet connection speed test is undoubtedly the best option that currently existsSince it is not invasive at all, it is free of annoying advertising, does not require any type of installation and is completed in just a few seconds. We can perform the test online through this link, or we can also download the dedicated application from the official Microsoft store (It is totally free and very light).

How to know what Internet connection speed I have 32

And how can I interpret the results? Well, it is very simple. To the left of everything you have the ping, which identifies the latency. The lower this figure, the better, but keep in mind that latency may vary depending on the status of the servers with which you establish connections when using certain services and when browsing the Internet.

Right after the latency we have the download speed, which measures the speed at which you can download things from the Internet (receive data), and the upload speed, which as its name suggests measures the speed at which you can upload things to the Internet (send data). The higher they are, the better. Keep in mind that they are measured in Mbps, a unit that is not equal to MB / s.

And what Internet connection speed do I need? Well, it is a bit complicated, since each task requires a certain Internet connection speed, but in this article you will find all the information you need to discover the minimum recommended for different uses.

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