Facebook logs out all iPhone users due to “settings change”

Facebook iPhone

Something strange happened on Friday night on Facebook. Something that affected many of the users of the social network, but especially those who connect to it with the official iPhone application: the session of all of them -or at least, it is what is being announced- was closed «Inexplicably», they collect in Engadget.

The news jumped to the media when many of the people who saw themselves outside of Facebook without eating or drinking it began to comment on what happened through other networks and the coincidences pointed in the same direction: Facebook users on iPhone were the main affected. Specifically, those who access the platform with the official application for iOS.

But the thing did not stop there: there were difficulties to log in again for those who had activated the two factor authentication and they were unable to do so for quite some time, as the SMS verification codes were taking a long time to reach them. There were even those who had to upload photos to confirm their identity and regain access to the social network.

Why all this happened is not entirely clear, but it is not surprising that more than one alarm went off, since the massive disconnection of users In online services, it usually occurs when those responsible for these detect a security problem, such as breaches in their servers and data leaks, thus forcing them to log in again. In very serious cases, it is also common to force change the password that was set.

This, however, does not appear to be one of those cases. As reported, it was all due to some change in the configuration of the service, although they have not assured either: “We are aware that some people currently have problems accessing Facebook. We believe this was due to a configuration change and we are working so that everything returns to normal as quickly as possible “, explain from Facebook.

For lack of knowing more, assumptions of all kinds have not been long in coming and there are those who relate the event to the bad vibes that Facebook has with Apple, who do so with the imminent change by which WhatsApp and Facebook will begin to share data, although neither this will occur in the European Union nor obviously only affects iPhone users.



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