Eternum Ex arrives in physical edition to Nintendo Switch

Eternum Ex arrives in physical edition to Nintendo Switch

On February 5 comes a new game of Red Art Games in physical edition for Nintendo Switch. Eternum Ex is a platformer with the appearance of the classic arcade machines of the 80s. Find out more about Sir Arthur’s adventure in an underground kingdom full of dangers and mysteries.

Sir Arthur has grown old… too old. He has lost everything he had and loved. Now, with nothing left to lose, he goes to Samarnath, an evil underground kingdom from which no knight has ever returned alive. There he will search for treasures, adventures and, most importantly, five magical spheres that together grant eternal youth. Thanks to its progressive difficulty curve and a path divided into “worlds” of 5 levels each, Eternum Ex is a demanding and addictive game, as well as an ode to nostalgia for the golden age of arcade games.

Eternum Ex offers very simple game mechanics, increasing difficulty, an exciting and addictive game experience, as well as a very precise control system. Therefore, it is not only perfect for experienced players with retro games, but also for those who want to start and even for those who want to see what games were like when the video game industry was taking its first steps and playability was the most important factor. important.

Main features of Eternum Ex

  • Incredible gaming experience.
  • 100% retro, arcade and platformer action.
  • 16-bit aesthetic
  • Unforgettable soundtrack
  • Many different enemies
  • 25 levels
  • Special levels with final bosses
  • Secret bonuses at each level
  • World leaderboard with the highest scores

The game is now available to reserve in physical format in the main stores in our territory.

Eternum Ex



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