Call of Duty: Mobile. New weapon.

 Call of Duty: Mobile.  New weapon.

Not much is known about the upcoming season of Call of Duty: Mobile. The developers have revealed some minor information, but fans are not yet aware of the maps, weapons, and content. A new tweet has offered a small summary as Call of Duty: Mobile’s team shared an interesting image for fans to decipher.

It is well known that Call of Duty: Mobile Copy content from other popular Call of Duty titles. The developers have created a melting pot-style game that combines features from various titles loved by fans. Following that trend, the developer’s image may hint at a weapon that fans know all too well.

Upon inspection of the tweet from Call of Duty: Mobile, fans expect the weapon to be the SKS rifle. The handle, magazine, length and selection of accessories match the silhouette precisely with just a brief glance. If this is true, then the SKS would be the second marksman rifle to enter Call of Duty: Mobile, placing it alongside the Kilo-Bolt Action released in August 2020. Players are hoping that the SKS will have a semi-automatic firing mode. with stats adjusted so it doesn’t interrupt the careful balancing of the mobile title meta.

In a sneak peek, Activision revealed another pistol aimed at CoD: Mobile. Fans are hoping that Fames will be added as an explosive rifle option, completing the set of two weapons per season. Both weapons are highly anticipated and requested by the community, so the trailers are a great promotion for fan expectations.

While it is expected that Call of Duty: Mobile begins its next season on January 26, it will not be called Season 14. Activision revealed that it will update the seasonal count of CoD: Mobile allowing the first season of 2021 Season 1 to be called. This change is mainly due to the need for a system streamlined and could suggest a future decision regarding Call of Duty: Warzone’s growing season count.

If the content matches previous seasons, players should expect two weapons, a new mode, and a new map. Attack of the Undead 20 is rumored to be the new game mode, while Rebirth will take its place as a moving map option. Activision is expected to reveal the new season later in the week, either giving fans confirmation of their expectations or revealing surprise content that could possibly exceed expectations.

Call of Duty: Mobile is available on iOS and Android devices. Here we leave you the LINK to official website.

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