Hardcore Mecha for Nintendo Switch

Hardcore Mecha for Nintendo Switch

On February 25, a new Red Art Games title hits stores in the form of a physical edition for Nintendo Switch. Hardcore Mecha is a side-scrolling action game full of tributes to those classic robots and their relevant cultural works.

About Hardcore Mecha

Hardcore Mecha It will have two main game modes:

  • In campaign mode, you can fully immerse yourself in its rich gameplay and cutscenes. Besides the wonderful campaign, the game will offer you another mode.
  • Multiplayer battle, in which players can take control of all kinds of mecha available and organize their own movements and tactics freely. It’s time to start an exciting, fast and competitive battle of steel! It will also have local support and online multiplayer.

One of the main characteristics of this game is the realistic experience that you get in the immersion in the operation of a wick, which is achieved thanks to the handling with a weight sensor and manual manipulation. So don’t hesitate any longer! Improve your skills and go from being an insignificant pawn to an invincible ace.

The game is now available to reserve in physical format in the main stores in our territory.

Hardcore Mecha



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