Pang Adventures “Buster Edition”

Pang Adventures

Since Meridiem Games announce that the physical edition of Pang Adventures for Nintendo Switch will be released on January 29, 2021. The version for PlayStation 4 is now available.
Originally developed by Pastagames and published by Dotemu, Meridiem Games will release the Pang Adventures “Buster Edition” which will include a special reversible sleeve, a retro-style survival manual and a sticker set and will be sold for € 29.99.

The Pang series is a collection of popular arcade games from the 90s. Travel the world with two brothers and save humanity from an alien invasion! Use your skills to defeat the attack balls falling from the sky and rescue the world from annihilation!

Pang Adventures Features

Pang Adventures offers new functions and game mechanics, preserving the original spirit:
• Local cooperative in all game modes
• 3 different modes:
1. Tour Mode: One place after another!
2. Points mode: 3 lives and 0 CONTINUATIONS! The authentic arcade experience!
3. Panic Mode: 99 levels of continuous battle! The ultimate test for your skills!
• The brothers have improved their equipment since the last invasion: submachine guns, flamethrowers, shurikens … They have everything! Take on electric, explosive, smoke and lava balls!
• Boss fights! For the first time, the brothers confront the alien commanders! They do not come to Earth to do tourism… Prepare to tear them to pieces!

The Nintendo Switch version of Pang Adventures – “Buster Edition” is available to pre-order in stores across Europe now for € 29.99 before its release on January 29. The PlayStation 4 version is available now for € 19.99.

Pang Adventures



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