Project Brookyn the new Razer bet presented at CES

Project Brookyn the new Razer bet presented at CES

Designed for all types of gamers and to adapt to your bedroom or game room, the conceptual design “Project BrooklynTransforms an ergonomic gaming chair into a complete entertainment station that offers impressive next-generation immersion for both PC and console games.

Project Brooklyn”Is a cutting-edge gaming chair constructed from carbon fiber and RGB lighting that easily transforms into a fully immersive gaming station with widescreen displays thanks to 60 ″ display screens, fascinating tactile feedback integrated into the seat and 4D armrests. that unfold on their adjustable peripheral tables. Existing all-in-one chair models offer cockpit-style seating, with room-sized hardware mounted and at great cost.

Inspired by the design of the chair Razer IskurIntroduced in October last year, “Project Brooklyn” takes a step forward with multiple user contact points, connecting the gaming chair to the screen and its more functional components, such as the armrest, while offering plush comfort. High-density foam cushions that uniquely support the user’s body. The stitched seat back is built from a full carbon fiber body to maintain a perfect posture during long gaming sessions.

On Project Brooklyn

The adjustable platform that the chair sits on is completed by cabling, taking the design cues from the Razer Raptor monitor. Mounted from the spine of the chair and with a drop down activation. At the touch of a button, a 60 ″ full surround OLED screen for impressive visual coverage and detail. This screen folds into the back of the chair when not in use. The drop-down screen assembly immerses the user in the center of the action with sharp detail within an astonishing panoramic experience.

The fully modular 4D armrests carefully hide the folding tables with flexible ergonomics. Allowing you to easily switch between PC games that use a mouse and keyboard, and console games. It has separate panels on each armrest that allow for different keyboard and mouse sizes / models and each half folds away when not in use.

Building on the success of the audio-driven, haptic feedback prototype that Razer unveiled at CES 2019. A new native integration of Razer HyperSense technology has been built around the chair frame to deliver the ultimate in tactile immersion. The independently activated hi-fi modules deliver a sensation experience with the most sensitive vibrations felt during a gaming session, such as jumping into the water or landing on a platform, for truly immersive gameplay.

Razer Chroma RGB technology

Razer Chroma RGB lighting technology is integrated into the outer areas of the seat cushions. Being able to be personalized thanks to 16.8 million color options, synchronized with peripherals and with more than 150 integrated game titles.

“Project Brooklyn is an exciting concept built on the true essence of a fully immersive gaming station,” said Min Liang-Tan. “Its haptic feedback, graphics and overall functional design with attention to ergonomics will provide a unique gaming experience.”

Razer will continue to develop this gaming chair concept by testing with top esports players and influencers. To compare the practicality, comfort and performance. The “Project Brooklyn” concept is designed to provide information on how to improve the mechanics and design to offer users a more immersive gaming experience and inspire Razer’s growing range of gaming chairs in the near future.

For more information on Razer’s “Project Brooklyn” visit this LINK.

Project Brooklyn



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