Returnal shows new images

Returnal shows new images

Housemarque, the developer studio of the roguelike action video game Returnal, today showed new images about the combat system and the variety of weapons that players will be able to enjoy on March 19 exclusively for PS5 ™.

This is the first trailer of the title that arrives in Spanish and confirms that Returnal will arrive in Spain with its corresponding dubbing. In it, the protagonist Selene faces various enemies in frenzied and intense combat, as she explores the dark alien world Atropos. This exploration will be transversal, since the environments will be generated procedurally, explains Harry Krueger, Housemarque’s creative director: “We have worked to make Returnal a challenging and rewarding experience, with variety and depth for high replayability”.

Returnal proposes a unique mix of different genres, combining an explosive arcade formula and a bullet hell style gameplay, all presented in the third person. Selene will face the hordes of enemies with 10 base weapons and 10 alternate shots as well as different devices to survive, to which the player can add up to a total of 90 traits, such as explosive projectiles or acid puddles. These weapon traits will also stack, offering unique combinations and playstyles. With the adaptive triggers of DualSense the player will be able to switch from normal firing to alternate firing with ease.

New weapons in Returnal

But Krueger warns that, despite the frequency of new weapons appearing is high. Selene can only hold one weapon at a time. So the decision on the strategy will be very important. “You will have to constantly adapt, experiment with different weapons and develop your skills to survive.” Even the different objects and creatures that you will encounter on your way will offer a challenge in themselves. Well, both parasites and some booties will in turn have positive and negative effects.

Although Selene will start over each time she dies, not everything achieved in the previous cycle will be lost. But there will be progress. One of the items that Selene will be able to keep is the mysterious Cthonos. An alien device that in addition to generating random objects at the beginning of each session, records the activity of the protagonist and that, once accumulated certain experience, grants a new object that is added to the permanent loot.

Reserving Returnal It is now available in its different editions through the usual points of sale or through the PlayStation®Store in its standard edition, at a price of € 79.99 and in its Digital Deluxe edition, at a price of € 89.99.




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