Metal Tales: Overkill Comes to Indiegogo

Metal Tales: Overkill Comes to Indiegogo

Zerouno Games has launched Indiegogo’s inDemand campaign following the success of Metal Tales: Overkill on the Kickstarter platform by achieving 230% on the main objective.

InDemand by Indiegogo is a new tool that can only be accessed via invitation and exclusively for successful projects from external platforms, as has been the case with Metal Tales: Overkill on Kickstarter.

At the helm of this new metal action concert, there are a good handful of international, real and original, music groups that make Metal Tales: Overkill an explosive mix of adrenaline and bring you the perfect 3D shooter-guitar.

Will you be able to defeat the Metal gods, save the world and become their new god?

Check it in Indiegogo.

Metal Tales: Overkill is dated for PC Steam in the first quarter of 2021 and the supported Kickstarter campaign would facilitate to a greater extent (by time and deadlines) portings for the current generation console versions (Nintendo Switch ™, PlayStation®4 AND Xbox One) and future generation (PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X | S) with exclusive features for game backers.

Characteristics of Metal Tales: Overkill

  • Over 50 Items – Get ready to go all out with new guitars, pedals, amps, books, and summons.
  • 15 different enemies to dance on his grave.
  • 8 guitar chiefs – ready for the show?
  • 4 playable characters to choose from: Are you more of Metallica, Iron Maiden, or maybe Black Sabbath? Choose the character you most identify with!
  • 3 different environments – Explore three different locations: the lair of metal, the festival, and hell itself.
  • 6 levels to destroy with the vibrations of your procedurally generated amps – experience randomly generated levels every game.
  • Local cooperative mode for a jam session between friends.
  • Unlockable missions and stat improvements between games.
  • Original soundtrack featuring international metal bands

Metal Tales: Overkill



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