Razer Project Brooklyn Introduces Gaming Chair Concept With Flexible Drop-Down Screen

Razer Project Brooklyn Silla Gaming

Completing the announcements of its new Blade laptops, Razer wanted to surprise us once again with its new proposals and products in development phase such as the «Project Brooklyn», a combination of a gaming chair with battlestation.

However, at first glance, matte finishes with RGB lighting points hardly stand out. And it is that its true attraction is much further, since far from being a simple gaming chair, we can easily transform it into a fully immersive gaming station, with a 60-inch flexible widescreen OLED display, a haptic feedback integrated into the seat, and 4D armrests which we can unfold to create a small table.

Both the screen and the table rest inside the chair, invisible and out of the way when not in use. The screen slides up and out from the back of the chair, over the top of the player in the chair, and unfolds.

In addition, this conceptual chair is designed to be versatile, with a high capacity for connect with all kinds of multimedia devices, offering support not only for high-end computers, but also laptops, mobile devices, and of course, consoles. And it is that the individual systems of the chair can be used alone or in combination with each other.

Inspired by the design of the Razer Iskur chair unveiled late last year, “Project Brooklyn” takes a step forward with multiple user contact points, connecting the gaming chair to the screen and to its more functional components, such as the armrest. , while offering plush comfort, high density foam cushions that uniquely support the user’s body. The stitched seat back is built in a full carbon fiber body to maintain a perfect posture during long gaming sessions.

And it is that according to the Taiwanese company, its new chair will stand out compared to “the existing ‘all-in-one’ gaming chair models, which ‘They are limited to a’ cockpit ‘style seat format (like their eRacing Simulator introduced last year) with full room size mounted hardware, and of course high costs«. Although unfortunately, beyond the clear change in size, he has not shared no guidance figure on possible manufacturing cost or distribution of his chair, which presumably would attend to be minor.

As is often the case with concept work revealed at CES, the Razer Project Brooklyn It is not ready for a launch, much less imminent, being more a demonstration of innovation and capabilities than a regular product for consumers. And it is worth mentioning that previously we have seen other quite viable and interesting Razer projects such as Project Linda, which for unknown reasons, never developed.

In this way, in the event that this chair does not finally see the light in the future, maybe some of the included technologies do in this concept. For more information or follow-up, the brand has currently enabled own website for Project Brooklyn.



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