Bounty Hunter Week in Red Dead Online

Bounty Hunter Week in Red Dead Online

Bringing justice to the frontier of Red Dead Online will give players even juicier rewards this week, as Bounty Hunters earn RDO $ and RPG bonuses on all Legendary Fugitives. Additionally, log-in rewards, new Bounty Hunter discounts, and discounts on a selection of weapons await players.

Details for this week’s Red Dead Online update include

  • Double the RPG XP for all Legendary Fugitives.
  • Double RDO $ on all for Famous Legendary Fugitives, and 50% more RDO $ for the original 10 Legendary Fugitives.
  • Login Bonus: 1000 Bounty Hunter XP reward and 100 Rapid Repeating Weapon Ammo for all players.
  • Bounty Hunter Discounts: 5 gold bars less on Bounty Hunter License and Celebrated Bounty Hunter License, 50% off Bounty Hunter outfits and emotes, 30% off all Bounty Hunter weapon variants and Bounty Hunter cart tones.
  • Weapon Discounts: 30% off the Schofield Revolver, Bolt-Action Rifle, and all repeating weapons.
  • Prime Gaming Benefits: Players who link their Social Club account to Prime Gaming will receive as rewards a free Bounty Hunter License, a free skill card upgrade, an Amethyst Ornate Bounty Hunter Cart skin, and a 50% discount in a gun guide on the fence.

You can see more information in the following LINK.

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