New Xbox Wireless Controller – Pulse Red

New Xbox Wireless Controller - Pulse Red

Today, we are pleased to introduce the latest design of the new generation of controllers, the wireless controller Xbox – Pulse Red. Featuring a vivid, deep red top case and crisp white case. The new Pulse Red controller delivers the same energy and striking color as Shock Blue. Matte black hybrid D-pad, bumpers and triggers reduce slippage against sweaty fingers and thumbs for added control. While a textured dot pattern on the triggers and bumpers to keep your grip locked. Dynamic Latency Input Delivers More Frequently Controller Inputs to Your Xbox Series X | S for a more responsive gaming experience and seemingly instant action.

Controller buttons, including the new Share button, can be custom mapped any way you like using the Xbox Accessories app. Set the Share button to capture screenshots, start / stop recording, or even record what just happened. Then share your best, worst, or funniest moments with friends and followers directly from your console dashboard or your Android phone with the Xbox mobile app.

Xbox - Pulse Red

You can wirelessly connect the new Pulse Red controller to your favorite gaming devices. Included Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One with built-in Xbox Wireless Radio. You can also play wirelessly on Win10 PCs and Bluetooth Low Energy Android devices to play remotely from your console. Or play in the cloud with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on the go. The controller remembers multiple devices, so you can quickly and seamlessly switch between previously connected devices. While connecting with USB to your console or PC is also an option.

You can purchase the Xbox Wireless Controller in Pulse Red for Gamer 2 or add this beauty to your own personal collection for $ 64.99 starting February 9 in most Xbox markets and tomorrow in China. Check with your local dealer for availability.

As with all new Xbox wireless controllers, Pulse Red features a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack for plugging in and enjoying a fully immersive gaming experience and a USB-C port for gaming and charging with the rechargeable battery. Xbox (sold separately). In select markets, the new Pulse Red controller includes a 14-day trial for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

You can see more information in the following LINK.



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