Coreupt releases new videos

Coreupt releases new videos

With the recent release of next-gen consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, game developers have shifted their focus to updating current games or optimizing their future titles to capitalize on the hardware capabilities of each platform. This includes independent developer Coreupt, an upcoming fighting game, who recently released new videos showing how its latest characters move and attack when rendered for next-gen games.

With a small following due to its independent development process, not much information about Coreupt is known yet. All fans know is that the game will be free to play, is currently being developed for next-gen PCs and consoles, and is backed by Rogue Games Inc., the publisher behind popular indie titles like Fisti-Fluffs, Super Glitch Dash, Arcanium: Rise of Akhan and more. Without a solid date on when the game will be released to the public, fans have had no choice but to follow the game’s developer, Jesse Wright, on social media to reveal and update the game.

Wright recently posted several new game videos on Twitter that provided snippets of the fighting action on Coreupt. In a video, he focuses on two of his characters, Sawn Off and Gatling. By stating that the main purpose of the video was to show the rhythm of the game, it also showcases Sawn Off’s unique crossover movement. A well-known fighting game tactic that confuses players in which direction to face their enemy.

In another Twitter video, Wright also shows the special attacks of Winry, the iconic character from Coreupt’s fighting game. After using one of his spaced combos on his opponent, Gatling. After doing a series of attacks and using Gatling as a starting point. Winry is seen firing projectiles from each of her weapons. Since the second shot is clearly much larger than the first. These special attacks may only be able to be performed after Winry’s space combo.

As Wright continues to share more images of Coreupt games on his social media, fans have been responding to the Twitter threads. Clamoring for the game’s release date. While he didn’t reveal anything concrete, Wright shared on January 1, 2021 that a demo or beta is coming. In the post, the demo already has Winry, Gatling, and Destroy already included in the lineup. And he asks fans who else they want to try during the beta. Featuring a unique cast of characters and fast-paced fighting game action. Coreupt seems to be one of the most attractive indie games for next-gen platforms.

Coreupt is currently being developed for next-gen PCs and consoles.



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