Microsoft Edge prepares for Apple Silicon

Microsoft Edge grupos de pestañas

The development of Microsoft Edge continues from strength to strength and it shows, because it is no longer that Microsoft itself says that its browser is growing at a hellish rate and that it has reached 600 million users: web analytics firms corroborate it, or at least they did when the main one was still standing. Remember that Microsoft Edge is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, in addition to Android. And it will be soon also for the new Macs with Apple Silicon.

Specifically, the development version of Microsoft Edge (v89) has already implemented support for Apple’s M1 chips, home-designed ARMs and the future of all-in-one processors for most of the brand’s devices, in the absence of that can offer enough power to rule professional teams as well, which for now will remain with Intel.

Thus, it is only a matter of time before Apple users who already enjoy these computers or who have them in mind, can run Microsoft Edge on them with all the guarantees of performance and compatibility.

Of course, those users who want to test Microsoft Edge on their M1 devices as soon as possible can do so by installing the development versions of it, known by the names Canary and Dev. It is not recommended, given that these are the most unstable versions of the browser – apparently, it has not yet reached the beta – and they can cause more problems than advantages, but the possibility exists.

The discharge routes are as follows:

Once installed, you can verify that it is indeed the native version of Microsoft Edge for Apple M1 by accessing the activity monitor, where it will appear as «Apple» in the «architecture» column. That said, it’s worth waiting for the stable version to be ready, which shouldn’t take too long at this stage; or at least wait for it to reach the beta channel.

Will this move help Microsoft Edge to gain a foothold in Apple’s new hardware ecosystem? Possibly. The question that remains, although it has nothing to do with this exactly, is whether those 600 million users also include Android users …

However, it should be noted that Microsoft Edge for M1 will not arrive in principle with all the features of the browser, but with most of them. For more information, this toMicrosoft article.



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