The latest in GTA Online

The latest in GTA Online

This week in GTA Online Players will be able to hit the streets of Southern San Andreas with a new car, the iconic BF Weevil, while new rewards, bonuses and discounts are available, including:

  • Triple GTA $ & RP in Motor Wars and all Rockstar created air races.
  • Double GTA $ and RP on smuggling sales missions.
  • A double Güffy logo cap free to play this week.
  • A sweater with Bigness faces for stealing contraband from a secondary target in the finale of the Cayo Perico Coup.
  • The Enus Paragon R sports car is the grand prize at Roulette of Fortune this week.
  • Vehicle discounts– 25% on RO-86 Alkanost and Stealth Annihilator, plus 40% on Buckingham Valkyrie, Nagasaki Havok, Grotti Visione, and Coil Cyclone.
  • 30% discount in Hangars, its customizations and add-ons.
  • Last week of the Cayo Perico Heist bonuses: The Manor tie-dye shirt for completing a recon mission, the Rockstar gray pattern shirt for completing a preliminary mission, and the Panther tour jacket for players who complete the Perico Key Heist final.
  • Prime Gaming bonuses: Players who link their Social Club account to Prime Gaming will get free sonar from the Kosatka submarine, plus GTA $ 200,000 for playing this week.
  • Prime Gaming discounts: 35% discount on the Kurtz 31 patrol boat and the Shitzu Longfin.
  • And a new vehicle: The BF Weevil, now available to buy at Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

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