Black Desert for consoles begins in 2021

Black Desert for consoles begins in 2021

Pearl abyss today announced that Black desert console has received a new free content update that adds the Awakening and Reborn abilities to the Nova, the latest class to join the game’s cast.

Nova is the new class that was released just in time for the Christmas season and now receives a new set of abilities that will completely change its gameplay, making it even more powerful.

You can see the trailer in the following LINK.

Adventurers who are able to bring their Nova to level 56 will be able to begin a new chain of quests to obtain the abilities of Awakening, granting it new and powerful powers. Once Awakened, the Nova will also be able to access Rebirth abilities, empowering it with its Morning Star and shield.

In Awakening mode, the Nova trades her morning star for an Aculeus, a thorn of the Quoratum that wraps around her arm and becomes a weapon. Its standard form is that of a rapier sword, but it can also be transformed into a scythe with some abilities.

Awakening Skills Black desert

  • Royal fencing: Chain: With this ability the Nova delivers swift stabs with the Aculeus, her new weapon.
  • Kite– You aim forward with the Aculeus and move forward to hit the enemy.
  • Meteor shower– Create endless swords of light and throw them at enemies, dealing colossal damage.
  • Star prison– Summon a star by waving your scythe three times and then launch it. Enemies close to the star will be attracted by its gravity and will not be able to escape from it.

Reborn Skills

In Reborn mode, the Nova continues to use her morning star and Quoratum to destroy her foes with the same combat style she had in the beginning.

  • Zenith: King of the Dead: You summon Axian, the King of the Dead, sacrificing your health and your spectral guards. In return, Axian will make enemies taste the taste of frozen death.
  • Zenith: Ice Spike Stock– Create a circle of frost spikes that surround your enemies. Axian will appear in the center to finish off imprisoned enemies.
  • Fianchetto: you raise your morning star that you had previously thrown to the ground. Axian will attack enemies that are in the air.
  • Zenith: Check: you order Axian to unleash its destructive power. He will summon the cold that rules over the world of the dead and freeze your enemies.

To celebrate the Awakening update and the Nova Reborn, a special event will take place until February 3. Adventurers who reach levels 58-61 will receive special rewards such as gold bars, combat experience scrolls, Shakatu chests, and more.

Additionally, until January 20, Adventurers will be able to complete certain missions offered by Lara, the Heidel Trade Manager, which will also reward them with special items.



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