Apex Legends Leak reveals new maps, arenas and more

Apex Legends Leak reveals new maps, arenas and more

A massive leak of Apex legends it may have shown what’s on the way in Respawn Entertainment’s multiplayer battle royale. Cryptic leaks point to a Tropic playlist, estate stadiums, Fuse Active Tease, and more. What this all means requires a bit more research with the help of data mining in Apex Legends.

Season 8 of Apex legends It will start on January 20, 2021, and with it will come a new legend, probably a new weapon and some new meta changes, as usual. But some of the extracted and leaked findings could also go into effect, which could be very interesting.

At first glance, the post (which has now been removed) lists Estate Arenas, Tropic Playtest, Canyonlands MU3, 6-man Kings Canyon MU, 1 LVL Boost, 40-man Oly duo, Airdrop Takeover Trios, Salvo Ship Active Tease, and Fusion Active Tease , making it cryptic and confusing. But the well-known dataminer (@ Biast12) has followed the information by confirming and cleaning it up to clarify what it could mean. So while the future of Apex Legends won’t include wall running, it may include a tropical map.

@ Biast12 on Twitter chimed in to respond to some of the Apex Legends data leaks in their coded forms. He thinks MU3 is a previously unreleased map update and that the Tropic playlist could be a brand new map, for example. There were hints of an urban / city-themed map during the months leading up to Olympus in Apex Legends. So it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a tropical-themed map added to Apex Legends at some point.

The leak also points to ‘Estate Arenas’, which could indicate some kind of limited time mode. Apex has done a good job handling events and modes, as has the well-done Winter Express Limited Time Mode in Apex Legends recently. Estate Arenas could be referring to the Estates POI on the Olympus map.

With fans searching for details through data mining and the upcoming season just around the corner, there are plenty of Apexes for everyone. Additionally, Respawn Entertainment has just released the latest stories from the Outlands short film Fight Night, which is focused on Pathfinder. He’s witty, cute, emotional, and very well animated. Fans are also looking into this to find clues to Pathfinder’s backstory, possible information about Nox (Caustic), and maybe even if a future Legend is in the video.

Apex Legends is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Switch version in development.

Here we leave you the LINK to its official website.

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