Alpaca Ball Allstars is updated with the arrival of Christmas

Alpaca Ball Allstars is updated with the arrival of Christmas

Christmas also comes to Alpaca Ball: Allstars And, to celebrate, the game has been updated with a new court in the middle of a Christmas market and with various customization elements typical of the dates in which we are.

The title of Salt Castle Studio It already has the elements included in the update in the version of the game for Steam and very soon they will also be available on Nintendo Switch.

Participate alone or with a friend in the campaign mode or compete with up to seven other people (four on each team) in the multiplayer mode and enjoy physics-based mechanics, balls of all kinds and the most insane power-ups imaginable.

Baptized as Christmas market, This new field not only offers a rabidly Christmas atmosphere, but also incorporates one more element to the mechanics of the matches: a small train that is dedicated to tirelessly circulating on the margins of the field, overwhelming everything that it catches in its path.

In addition to this new court, the Holiday Update adds three new customization options to our alpacas: a hat and scarf kit, moose antlers, and Santa’s hat and beard.

Alpaca Ball Allstars Update Features

  • Physics-based mechanics that make it unpredictable and hilarious.
  • Local multiplayer for up to eight simultaneous players.
  • Lead a team of alpacas to victory in Campaign Mode, either solo or in two-player co-op mode.
  • Play online with your friends through Steam Remote Play; They don’t even need to have the game! (Exclusive feature of the Steam version of the game).
  • Design custom matches and compete against bots.
  • Spectacular themed stadiums all over the world.
  • Customize the appearance of your Alpaca.

You can see the trailer for the Christmas update in the following LINK.

Alpaca Ball Allstars is now available on Steam and Nintendo Switch in digital format and will arrive in physical format on PlayStation 4 and Switch, in standard and collector’s edition, in 2021.

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