Why a dead zone occurs and what is the best way to fix it

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What is a dead zone? You probably asked yourself that question as soon as you saw the title of this article. If you are among those who do not know that concept, do not worry, we are going to reel it in a simple way.

A dead zone refers to the area of ​​a home, business or business where we do not have an Internet connection, usually because the Wi-Fi signal does not reach, or does not do it with enough intensity so that we can connect in an acceptable way.

Now that you are clear about the concept, you may have thought “come on, I have one at home.” You are not the only one, I also had one, although luckily I managed to solve it in a fairly simple way.

I know it is a problem that can be very annoying, but I am also aware that we can solve it without effort, and in many cases without having to even make an economic investment.to. For this reason, I have encouraged myself to share this article with you, where I am going to tell you three ways to end a dead zone without having to spend money.

1.-Moving the router can help us end a dead zone

I know that moving the router is not always easy, especially when we have made a specific installation and we want to keep it connected by cable to certain devices, such as the PC, for example, but did you know that move the router a few meters can make a big difference? Well it is, and this is no longer so complicated.

For example, if you have the router on a table and right next to the PC, connected by cable, try moving it to the end of the table closest to the room where you have that dead zone. In many cases, something as simple and insignificant as this can make the difference between having, or not, an Internet connection in those corners where we have a dead zone because the connection does not finish arriving in a stable way.

However, be very careful when moving the router, lest to end a dead zone you can create another (or others).

2.-Try to connect to the Wi-Fi 4 standard

Why does a dead zone occur and what is the best way to fix it 32

The Wi-Fi 5 network uses the 5 GHz band, offers superior performance and has a cleaner signal as it is subject to less interference, but the Wi-Fi 4 network offers a greater reach and manages to reach further corners.

Approach the router following the instructions in the previous step and connect to the Wi-Fi network 4 can help us enjoy a more than acceptable Internet connection in a place where before we only had a dead zone, a “digital nothing”.

If your router does not automatically switch the connection of the devices between the best bands, you will have to make the change manually. It is not complicated, you will only have to choose the corresponding 2.4 GHz network and enter the access data.

3.-Open doors and reduce obstacles

Why a dead zone occurs and the best way to solve it 34

It is a movement with which we can complement the previous two very well. Leaving the doors open will eliminate an obstacle between the router and the dead zone we want to reach, and reducing obstacles that you encounter along the way, as well as sources of interference, can also have a very positive impact.

In general, to end a dead zone in the best possible way, it is recommended put into practice the three tips that we have seen in this article. Barring extreme cases, we should see good results, even if we don’t quite manage to end a dead zone.

If nothing we have said works, you will have no choice but to extend the range of your Internet connection using a Wi-Fi repeater or a PLC.

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