Newskill presents its new RGB mice: Arakne Series

Newskill presents its new RGB mice: Arakne Series

The Spanish manufacturer Newskill has presented its new series of mice RGB: Arakne. Discover the three models available: Arakne, Arakne Tournament and Arakne Elite.

Enjoy the professional quality of Arakne with its up to 16,000 configurable DPIs, it has RGB backlighting. And different effects that can be configured from their own software, available for download from the official website of Newskill Gaming.

The Spanish brand of gaming peripherals has sought to devise a gaming mouse that adapts to all types of players and that would make your life easier. On the one hand, the three Arakne models have an ambidextrous design that will allow both right- and left-handed users to play in an ideal way.

On the other hand, it incorporates one of the most requested features by the gaming community: modular side buttons. Arakne mice feature magnetically designed side buttons geared towards facilitating quick command assignment. The buttons are removable and have a modular design.

The Arakne mouse software will allow you to configure all its buttons and customize its up to 16,000 DPIs. The movement will be much more precise thanks to its panacord cable, which prevents the mouse cable from getting tangled and therefore the signal that is transmitted is more reliable and does not give room for error.

The Arakne model has a very light weight, honeycomb style and reaches the minimum measurement of 71 grams.

The Arakne Tournament model is characterized by having an adjustable weight between 75 and 97 grams thanks to some weights included with the gaming mouse. On the other hand, its upper cover also has a modular design and we can remove or put it depending on whether or not we want to maintain that style in the form of a spider web that characterizes the entire Arakne series.

The Arakne Elite model can be used via USB cable or completely wireless. Like the Tournament version, it also features a removable modular design top cover. Its low-latency 2.4 GHz wireless technology will make it easy for you to play with the same quality of movement as a wired mouse.

Arakne Series will be available on the website of Newskill in pre purchase and soon on Amazon.

Here we leave you the link to the video.

Newskill Arakne Series



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