Kratos’ arrival in Fortnite could mark the first of several major cameos

Fortnite Temporada 5 PS5 Kratos

Just entered its Season 5, it seems that Fornite wants to re-emphasize its predominant position in the video game market. And it is that after its small premiere event with the characters of Disney’s The Mandalorian series, it seems that Epic Games has wanted to aim even higher, now announcing the arrival of a direct collaboration with Sony and PS4, and the inclusion of Kratos.

However, although the main character of God of War arrives with the appearance of his latest installment, the fact of the date of this collaboration does not cease to surprise us, more than two years after its launch. Something that, given Fortnite’s history of collaborations, could imply the imminent arrival of new details on the already announced God of War: Ragnarök, announced as one of the first PS5 exclusives for 2021.

But it looks like this won’t be the only high-caliber collaboration planned for this game, as according to the latest leaks shared on Twitter, Halo’s Master Chief could be coming soon for Xbox users too.

And it seems that the main developers of Fortnite they want to recruit various iconic characters from upcoming video games to ensure the success of the new season of your game and your new Zero Point battle pass.

What we would like to see in Fortnite Season 5

Continuing with the line of Sony and Microsoft games, it would not be surprising if we could see the arrival of some of the massive armor of Godfall, and even some of their brilliant melee weapons; even though facing firearms, Gears of War It could offer us a notably more extensive arsenal, also applicable for the skins of the main characters of its saga.

Although we do not have to look only at the exclusives. And it is that when we look at the next video game releases for the end of this year we can’t stop thinking about Cyberpunk 2077. Although the presence of Keanu Reeves is already more than assured in Fortnite after the successful collaboration with the John Wick saga, it would just take a couple of changes to “take our breath away” and transform the actor into a new Johnny Silverhand skin.

On the other hand, regarding movies and series, without a doubt the latest news from this world have touched the world of video games at various times, with the announcement of the live action adaptation of Monster Hunter with Mila Jovovich; Uncharted, with Tom Holland; the rumors of Oscar Isaac as Solid Snake in a Metal Gear Solid movie; or the more than remarkable interest of Dave Bautista to embody Markus Fénix from Gears of War (an achievement that he has already achieved within the game).

Unfortunately, at the moment all this is nothing more than rumors and conjectures, being only assured that this new season of Fortnite aims to go down in history.



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