Planet Zoo splashes us with its new DLC: Aquatic Pack

Planet Zoo splashes us with its new DLC: Aquatic Pack

Frontier Developments plc (AIM: FDEV) today announced a refreshing expansion of Planet Zoo. The DLC Aquatic Pack is new content that will encourage players to turn their zoos into magical marine parks. The new DLC Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack will introduce the never seen before in Frontier’s best zoo simulation game. The DLC Aquatic Pack will be available on Steam from December 8 at a price of € 9.99.

With Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack Players will be able to experience caring for five new sea animals. At the same time they discover new algae and marine vegetation, decorations and new constructions for their zoos. Users will be able to adorn their zoos with striking decorations that can represent everything from jungles to frozen tundras. They will also be able to use reflective materials, with visual properties similar to water, to show the public impressive animal sculptures, and they can even create their waterfalls and fountains.

You can see his trailer in this LINK.

Features of the new Planet Zoo DLC

Aquatic Pack will add new animals to the already existing and large cast available in Planet Zoo. The new guests will offer a whole new dimension for zookeepers to continue exploring, enjoying and learning. Planet Zoo welcome the stunning diamondback turtle, lovable giant otter, dangerous Cuvier’s alligator, shining gray seal and adventurous penguin. Both players and visitors to the park will be delighted after seeing these new creatures. And to be able to interact with them, in a new way, in their aquatic environments.

With over 170 new items included in the DLC Aquatic Pack, zookeepers will have everything they need to improve and enlarge their zoos. With this new range of elements based on aquatic biomes, players will be able to add new flora and fauna to their zoos, or even build entire aquatic-themed areas.

And much more…

In addition, a new time trial scenario is also included. Players will be sent to Oregon, USA, and will have to run a unique USA zoo located around a drained riverbed. This location will put all the skills of the players to the test due to its space restrictions. This stage has plenty of elevations to play with, and offers visionary players more than enough space to complete with habitats, new animals, and trained staff. If you do it right, it will be a profitable zoo in no time.

Next to Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack, Frontier will release a free update with new features and content that will be available to all players. This update will include new plants and objects, the option to educate visitors with talks about animals, improvements for everyday life, and a new time trial scenario, which will allow players to enjoy a spectacular scenario set in the Philippines, where they will have to transform the terraces of disused rice plantations into a zoo, while raising awareness about the conservation of fauna and flora.

Please note that the Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack DLC requires the base game, Planet Zoo, to work. Planet Zoo is available on Steam at a suggested price of € 44.99, the Planet Zoo Deluxe Edition at € 54.99 and the Planet Zoo Deluxe Upgrade pack at € 11.99.

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