Samsung could lower prices with the Galaxy S21

Samsung podría bajar precios con el Galaxy S21

When a few months ago we started talking about the possible advance in the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21, there were already some the previous rumors that we had received over the top of the range of the Korean manufacturer. And, since then, the drip has been continuous, to the point that, if everything we have heard so far is confirmed, we can almost recite the configuration that the three terminals of the S range will have when there is still more than a month to go. its arrival on the market and, in addition, Samsung has not revealed any information about it.

On the other hand, yesterday a rumor that we have been hearing for a long time, but that reappears with more force, returned with force, and that is that Samsung would be about to end the life cycle of the Galaxy Note range. As we can read today on 9to5Google, swith no less than three sources that have confirmed that we will not see a new Note in 2021, and additionally, as great news for those who are waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S21, that this catalog change would be accompanied by a reduction in the price of all its variants.

If the Galaxy Note disappears, We can terminate the duality that Note and S have maintained in the top-of-the-range segment from Samsung. Of course, one of the main risks Samsung faces is losing the community of Note users, a device with which it has managed to retain many of its customers. A substantial price cut on the Galaxy S21 could undoubtedly be an excellent measure to get Note users to make the leap to the S series.

As we can read, we are talking about a more than noticeable decrease in the price of the three terminals that are included in the Galaxy S21 range. And we are talking about a descent that it could start at a hundred dollars, and even go up to 150. Thus, for markets in which the price of the Galaxy S20 is $ 999, the Galaxy S21 could be marketed for 899 or even for $ 849. The price reduction would also reach the Galaxy S21 + and Galaxy S21 Ultra models, for similar amounts.

As we already told you yesterday, Samsung’s plans would go through shift the resources used in the Galaxy Note to develop its position in the segment of folding smartphones, and concentrate the high-end of conventional phones in the Galaxy S21 and later. It seems, at least from the start, a fairly rational approach, because as S and Note have become more and more alike, it no longer makes sense to maintain both lines.

The key now is get to bring Galaxy Note users to Galaxy S, and a substantial price reduction on all Galaxy S21 models would be a very smart move to make it easier. And, in addition, to attract more users who are already tempted by the top of the range, but for whom its price seemed somewhat excessive.



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