David Prowse, actor in Darth Vader’s helmet, dies at 85

Muere David Prowse Darth Vader

To the sad farewell that we already gave at the time to Constantino Romero, the iconic voice of some characters such as Mufasa or Darth Vader, today he joins the sad news of David Prowse’s passing, actor who put body and face to one of the most famous villains in the history of cinema and the first Star Wars trilogy.

And it is that although many identify this character by the powerful dubbing of James Earl Jones, there is no doubt that Prowse’s performance, including the voice on the set used as a guideline for his later final dubbing, managed to define perfectly the essence of Darth Vader.

His entry into the sci-fi saga began after George Lucas saw him playing the role of bodyguard in A Clockwork Orange, falling in awe of the imposing six-foot image of the bodybuilder, offering to audition for two roles. However, as Prowse himself assured in an interview with the BBC, chose the role of Darth Vader over Chewbacca, played by the late Peter Mayhew, because people “always remember the bad guys«.

Despite enjoying the health and body of a bodybuilder, arthritis and other problems haunted Prowse for much of his life, but he advocated for various healthcare organizations and served as vice president of the Association for the Handicapped and Physically Handicapped.

Some feats to which, as well-known Star Wars actor Mark Hamill pointed out in his tribute and farewell to Prowse, were added other selfless actions such as serve as “Green Cross Code Man”, promoting road safety among young people and adults within the UK.

And it is that despite the Sith Lord embodying hatred, the good deeds of the man who was hiding behind this mask they even got him the title and recognition of MBE, thus saying goodbye as an honorary member of the Order of the British Empire.

Today we offer our deepest condolences to the family and friends, and our farewell to the actor: May the force be with you.



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