Chuwi LarkBook, a 1 kilogram ultraportable with Gemini Lake for less than 350 euros

Chuwi LarkBook

The Chinese manufacturer surprises us again with the arrival of the Chuwi LarkBook, your new ultraportable laptop equipped with Intel Gemini Lake processors, a 13.3-inch screen and aluminum and magnesium frames that reduce its weight by up to just one kilogram. And is that although we have seen other similar laptops before, never before have they been announced under the ridiculous figure of 340 euros.

Geared towards maximum portability, the notebook comes in at just 11.9mm thick, which like the latest Mini PC in its family, ranks it as the world’s lightest model in circulation for its category. In fact, the Chuwi LarkBook is slightly larger than an A4 sheet, so it is very convenient to take it to the office, university or even on any trip.

So when it comes to your specifications, we’ll have an IPS panel with a FullHD resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels and 16: 9 format, with a brightness of 220 nits and four stereo speakers with support for DTS audio that expand its usefulness for entertainment and audiovisual experience.

As for its interior, the Chuwi LarkBook integrates an Intel Celeron N4120 quad-core processor up to 2.4GHz frequency (in Turbo mode) and some Intel UHD 600 graphics which, compared to a Celeron N3350, records the performance on the cores increased by 45% and the multi-core performance by 90%, as well as the ability to decode 4K video.

In addition, thanks to the use of a low consumption 6W chip, this notebook can opt for the elimination of a fan system for heat dissipation, practically non-existent, resulting in an experience of use under absolute silence even in the most demanding activities. .

A platform that is completed with 8 GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 256 GB of SSD space, expandable via a free M.2 SSD slot on the bottom of the notebook and a microSD card slot on the side frame.



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