Kodi 19 Matrix Beta is here, the biggest step yet

Kodi 19 Matrix

In development since the last two years, finally the new major version of Kodi announces the arrival of its first “full version”, which promises a series of big changes with respect to its predecessor, under what its developers have called “the Big Revelation” and the biggest step so far in its distribution.

Kodi 19.x ‘Matrix’ Beta 1 is, as you can see from the name, the first beta version in the new branch, so from now on the focus of new updates will be mainly focused on fixes, instead of adding new functions. And is that one of the main objectives of Kodi 19 is to launch a production version with Python 3 add-ons as soon as possible in 2021, since Python 2 will stop working in January 2020.

Thus, as our colleagues from Very linux, with this version of Kodi 19, the developers have changed to Python 3, which makes it a better and safer product, but is also the reason why development has been a bit slow at times.

Although it seems that the wait has been worth it, with the following detail of news and characteristics from the previous Alpha version:

Interface and Look-and-Feel

One of the great improvements of Kodi 19 is the addition of various enhancements to Estuary, particularly around music and music videos, which include a redesign of the full-screen music display window; the ability to display additional metadata; a new and improved view for “Now Playing”, “Now Playing” and “Next Object”; chapter information for videos; and the general improvement over the library illustrations.

Audio and Music

Enhancements covering CD sets and multi-disc cases; metadata improvements, such as better handling of album release dates, album length, etc .; new full screen display settings; new Matrix-inspired visualization; support for file tags over http and https.

On the other hand, improved links to the music library have also been added to, for example, obtain information related to the album or artist, display videos and albums during search, or display more linked information in information dialog boxes, among others. functions; and some improvements in the grouping of videos by artist.


Has been added AV1 software decoding, with some improvements for subtitles with a new dark gray color and customizable opacity options; the ability to provide a subtitle URI (URL, local file, etc.); and compatibility with technology HDR10 static and Dolby Vision HDR dynamic (depending on the platform and the client used).


A series of general improvements to PVR, including reminders; groups of TV and Radio channels, home screen widgets and dynamic categories for Estuary; group and channel manager improvements; navigation and usability enhancements, such as context menus, selection persistence, and EPG controls; improvements in the information dialogue; and improvements in general handling through the API.


With a smaller jump than that of Kodi 18, this new compilation will also add improved compatibility with the game controller on iOS, as well as improvements in image quality in Pixel Art games.


Various improvements to user information, such as the security implications of enabling external interfaces or a warning when enabling a broken or obsolete plugin; the ability to set a requirement for a default web interface password; and a new source app for plugins and dependencies with which third-party plugins will not be able to overwrite the code of other unrelated plugins.

How to download Kodi 19 Matrix Beta

Currently we can download the first Kodi 19 Beta from the snapshot repository of the build, with the versions available for Android, Darwin, OSX and Windows. In addition, Android users can also sign up for the Beta program and get updates. directly from the Google Play Store.



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