Nfortec Alcyon lands with the brand’s first M.2 storage solutions

Nfortec Alcyon SATA M2 NVME

One of the essential components in any gaming equipment is solid state drives, or SSD. And it is that thanks to the notable drop in price in recent years, as well as its parallel increase in capacities and speeds, it has turned them into the solutions preferred by users.

Which is why Nfortec ventures into expanding its catalog with the presentation of his new family Alcyon, its first solid state drives, with 2.5 ”SATA drives, M.2 format SATA drives, M.2 NVMe drives, and M.2 NVMe PRO drives that will cover the entire spectrum of options and user needs, adapting to all budgets.

Nfortec Alcyon 2,5 ″ SATA III and M.2 SATA III

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First we have the conventional 2.5 ”Nfortec Alcyon SSD format through SATA III interface. These drives come in 256GB and 512GB capacities. They offer these units up to 550MB / s read and 500MB / s write. These units also offer us a reliability (MTBF) of at least 1.5 million hours.

Although if we prefer an update more in line with new trends, we can also have M.2 SATA storage units, which offer exactly the same characteristics under the only change to the compact format.

In addition, both SSDs have a discreet design in black and white letters, making them ideal accessories to fit perfectly with the rest of the components of practically any setup.

Nfortec Alcyon M.2 NVMe

Nfortec Alcyon M2 NVME

Shocking a bit more on the technical level, we find the Nfortec Alcyon M.2 NVMe, solid state drives compatible with the M.2 socket that land halfway between SATA SSDs and large NVMe solutions, offering a value very good for a wide number of users looking the speed and quality of PCIe SSDs, while keeping a price significantly more contained.

Equally valid for hardware, technology and video game lovers who are thinking of assembling or renovating their PC, these units will have speeds of up to 1950 MB / s read and 1550 MB / s write, an increase of more than 200% compared to an SSD with a SATA III interface; and will be marketed under two storage capacity options, between 256GB and 512GB.

In addition, both solutions will feature a long brand-advertised lifespan of up to 256 Tbytes written, as well as a 3-year warranty. Although undoubtedly the most interesting will be its prices, which they will barely reach 54.95 euros for the 250 GB version and 84.95 euros for the 500 GB model.

Nfortec Alcyon X M.2 NVMe

Nfortec Alcyon X M2 NVME

Nfortec Alcyon X SSD is positioned in the top range of the manufacturer, providing performance for the generation of ultra-fast hard drives in M.2 format with 3rd generation NVMe interface, and exceptional performance.

The M.2 NVMe SSD Nfortec Alcyon hard drive offers faster speed with an NVMe Gen3 interface compatible with the M.2 socket of your motherboard with which you can enjoy speeds of up to 3400MB / s read and 1950MB / s write, an increase of more than 600% compared to an SSD with a conventional SATA III interface.

So, again we will find ourselves with quite competitive prices, with a fairly modest increase compared to its basic model. And it is that the solid state drives Nfortec Alcyon X are available from some figures from 74.95 euros for the 256 GB model, and 109.95 euros for its larger variant, with 512 GB of storage.

Availability and price

Available for pre-purchase from the moment of your announcement, we can currently find all the products of the Nfortec Alcyon family at Amazon Y PcComponents, to which will soon be added direct availability through the official website of the brand.



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