Minecraft 1.17: first beta available

Minecraft 1.17: primera beta disponible

It seems like yesterday when we attended the MineCon Minecraft Live to receive the first news of Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs, the most anticipated new version of Minecraft that, if the forecasts advanced by Mojang are met, will see the light sometime next summer (summer in the northern hemisphere, I clarify). And I recognize that if Nether Update (1.16) seemed an excellent update (much more than 1.15), this facelift to the caves and the mountains has me in suspense from the moment it was announced (By LadyAgnes, also, how happy I felt that day).

That’s why I’ve regularly paid attention to Mojang’s blog ever since (well, I did that before, and just as often, but not as excitedly), waiting for the first Minecraft 1.17 beta to show signs of lifetime, and finally it has, in the form of the Snapshot 20W45A, the first snapshot to be released since the release of Minecraft 1.16.4, and which confirms what Mojang already announced at the time: that 1.16 was no longer going to receive any more updates. (Actually 16.3 was going to be the last, but some problems in it forced to publish 16.4).

In case you don’t know Mojang’s way of acting in this regard, every few weeks a snapshot is published in which users can check what the developer is working on, either in updates within the same version (the number after the second point) or in the jump from one version to another, as in this case from Minecraft 1.16 to Minecraft 1.17. And I clarify, yes, that in this news I am talking about Minecraft Java.

What’s new in the first beta of Minecraft 1.17?

Let’s start with the most important and, I’m afraid, also the most disappointing: for now, and despite the fact that Minecraft 1.17 is the big update for caves and mountains, at the moment there is no news in this regard in this first beta. It makes sense, actually, because unlike, say, adding a new mineral or a new object craftable, the generation of mountains and caves requires more profound changes and, therefore, it will surely take some time to see the first betas that already show these new and expected environments.

Now, that does not mean that there is no interesting news in this beta and that, therefore, it is not worth trying. A quick look at Mojang’s blog post on snapshot 20W45A shows us a list of everything we will find in the first beta of Minecraft 1.17, and the list is quite interesting.

Amethyst (left) and copper, the two new blocks in Minecraft 1.17.

Although surely there are those who think otherwise, for me the most interesting novelty of this beta of Minecraft 1.17 is that copper has come to Minecraft. It is the only mineral (pray) new in this version and yet it gives a lot of play for construction. The main reason for this is that it emulates the real behavior of this mineral, as it oxidizes with humidity and the passage of time, a process that will gradually modify its color.

Further, we can use it to build lightning rods, which will protect us from the fearsome storms (finally, in Minecraft 1.17, we will be able to build 100% wooden houses without fearing the effects of storms) and, in combination with the amethyst (now we will talk about it) a spyglass, which will offer us a zoom function similar to that provided by the popular OptiFine plug-in, but without the need to resort to installing external components.

When I said that there will be those who think that copper is not the main novelty in this beta of Minecraft 1.17, I said it thinking about the amethyst, a variety of quartz that you can find in geodes. It is a block that emits very characteristic sounds when stepping on, breaking them, hitting them … (Agnes told Minecraft Live that her objective was to generate a “magical” atmosphere), and that can be used to create new tinted crystals or the spyglass that I mentioned before, in addition to having multiple decorative uses.

Two other important new features of this first beta of Minecraft 1.17 are the bundles and the candles. The former are an attempt by Mojang to help players organize their inventories, as well as share multiple items with other players (in multiplayer, obviously). Candles for their part, as you can deduce, serve to illuminate. The most striking thing is that they can be created in 16 different colors and that, once turned on, they can be put under water.



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