Your internet connection is down? Try these five solutions

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Imagine the scene, you come home wanting to disconnect and surf for a while, or to enjoy your favorite game with some online games, but your Internet connection does not work. If you have ever suffered from this problem you will remember perfectly the discomfort and anxiety that it generates, especially when you have little free time and this type of situation ends up causing you to lose it.

In many cases, an Internet connection does not work due to problems that we can solve in a relatively simple way. Yes, there are also situations in which we cannot do anything directly, and we only have to be patient, but they are in the minority, and they almost always end up being resolved with a call to our Internet service provider, so you also have a indirect solution.

We are aware of the frustration and discomfort we suffer when our Internet connection does not work, and therefore we want to share with you a simple guide in which we are going to review five solutions that can help us solve connection problems so serious as to make the Internet down for us. If you have doubts, you can leave them in the comments.

1.-Internet does not work: check the cables and connections

It is so simple that it can make us smile, but you would be surprised how many times I have helped someone who has called me desolate because their Internet connection does not work and they no longer know what to do, and I have found myself a loose cable or the router turned off.

As it is something so simple, we assume that it is impossible that it is the cause of our connection problems, a reality that is aggravated by the fact that the router is, in many homes, in inconspicuous places, so it’s easy for us not to notice if it has the lights on, or if it is off.

Check wiring and connections it will only take a minute, So that’s the first thing we should do Check everything well, and if you don’t see any problem, go to the next point.

two.-Internet not working: is it the provider’s fault?

Your internet connection is down?  Try these five solutions 32

Before starting to fiddle, it is important to make sure that the problem does not come from our Internet provider, since if so everything we do will be a waste of time.

We could resort to connection tests and speed measurements, but I I prefer to call directly. It is a minute, and it allows us to be clear from the beginning where the problem is.

Many providers automate answering machines that warn of a fault when they receive a call from a specific area, and they usually give an estimated period of time until it is solved. If you find yourself in this case patience, you can only wait.

3.-Internet does not work: restart left and right

Your internet connection is down?  Try these five solutions 34

Again a simple measure, but tremendously effective. Why are we going to go directly into the most complicated if we have not yet tried the simplest?

On many occasions, the loss of connection and the fall of our network may be due to conflicts that arise due to normal use of devices, and the router. Since these continue to operate in an uninterrupted regime, these conflicts may generate errors that add to both in a loop they can’t get out of.

Restart the router and devices rskip that loop, and allows conflicts to be overcome, making everything work properly again. The ideal, in this case, is to disconnect the router from the power for at least a minute, and completely restart all the devices connected to it.

4.-Internet does not work: malware and intruders

Your internet connection is down?  Try these five solutions 36

If we have reached this point and our Internet connection does not work, we may have security problems. Do a malware scan It will help us deal with security threats locally, and it can be very effective. Something as simple as a deep scan with Microsoft Defender, for example, should suffice in most cases.

In case the problem comes from outside, the thing is not complicated either. If we have one or more intruders that are consuming all the bandwidth of our Internet connection through Wi-Fi, we just have to enter its settings (by entering in the browser) and change Password. Simple, but effective, since they won’t be able to reconnect if they don’t know the new password.

It is not necessary to constantly change the password of your Wi-Fi network, but if you have had to provide it to untrustworthy visitors or strangers for some reason do not hesitate, change it instantly.

5.-Internet does not work: update and deepen

Your internet connection is down?  Try these five solutions 38

We are sorry that you had to get here, because it may be synonymous with the fact that the previous four tips have not worked for you. If so do not despair, you still have easy options to fix your connection problems.

The first thing I would do is do a full compatibility check of everything I have connected. For example, are you sure that your smartphone that doesn’t have an Internet connection supports the Wi-Fi 5 standard? Have you configured the basic settings of the router and the rest of the devices correctly? Give them a review, you don’t lose anything, and you could solve your problems.

You can also use tools for network troubleshooting (Windows 10 integrates a very easy to use wizard), and if you have recently updated your operating system, try restore to a previous point where everything worked for you. Checking for firmware updates for your router can also be very helpful.

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