Telegram expands pinned messages, playlists and more


It hasn’t been a month since the last version of Telegram came out and here they are again, with a release that as usual is made up of a splash of news of all kinds, from the most interesting and useful to the most superfluous, but curious.

Within the first group we find the pinned messages, those that could be anchored at the top of channels and groups to highlight them and not get lost in the conversation. You know what we mean, right? If you have answered negatively, enter the MC channel on Telegram, where you can see an example that we use to welcome newcomers (and subscribe, if you want to receive everything we publish there!).

Well then: if until now a single message could be posted, it is now possible to set as many messages as you want. You will distinguish when more than one message has been fixed by the new icon of a pushpin and some lines and clicking on it will open an independent chat where all the messages are saved. It may seem silly, but for channels, work groups or other, it can be very convenient.

In addition, from now on the messages set are not restricted to channels and groups, but can be used in any chat, including conversations between two users.

Another usability improvement that comes with this version of Telegram is the playlists, so that when you send or send multiple audio tracks at the same time, they will automatically be grouped together as a playlist, making it easy to listen and share. Similarly, when multiple files are sent at once, they will be displayed in a single chat bubble. More order and concert.

New Telegram Playlists

The news in this version continues with the location function, which has been improved with an alert option, which will be activated when a contact with whom you have shared this feature is detected near you. And if you look on the map, you can even see where it is going.

Channel managers also receive statistics panel improvements, which now allows a more accurate monitoring of the movements of publications, for example if something you have published is shared with other public channels.

Finally, as usual, improvements in Android animations, as well as the possibility of editing images without the need to have previously downloaded them; a new set of animated emoji to celebrate Halloween and new interactive emoji, that is, with random animations: you can try it with the slot machine («777»), the «dice», a «ball», a «target» … (write it or look for them to see it).

In short, a new version of Telegram with a little of everything with which to cover diverse tastes and needs, far beyond what a messaging application requires. And keep it up.



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