Apple One, the unification of services, arrives in Spain

Apple One, la unificación de servicios, llega a España

One of the announcements that interested me the most from the September Apple keynote was, without a doubt, Apple One, the unification of the services offered by those of Cupertino, something that I have been waiting for since WWDC 2020 and that, although in its standard version it does not offer any novelty, it is most interesting for those who already have hired any of them, and have considered at some point the possibility of trying the rest, but the aggregate cost of the same made them somewhat excessive.

And today, in a somewhat discreet way, Apple has finally launched the Apple One in the markets in which its appearance was announced in the first phase, among which is Spain. So, if you wish, From today it is already possible to contract the unified pack of services in our country, although to do so you must know how to find it. Do not worry, if this is your case in this article we will explain how you can do it now.

Said what about Apple has been quite discreet about the launch of Apple One Because, for the moment, if we access the web page dedicated to the service, it continues to indicate that the service will be available in the autumn of this year, instead of indicating that it is already possible to contract it. And the same in the App Store and in Apple Music on iOS. There is no reference to the fact that Apple One is already available, something that I admit is quite surprising.

And then how do I know that it is already available? Well, because, actually, I have already hired it (yes, I am one of those users that I mentioned at the beginning), for a few minutes I have already been an Apple One user. More specifically, a user of the trial month because, as expected, Apple offers a 30-day trial that is limited, of course, exclusively to the services included in Apple One that you have not tried yet. (in their respective free trial periods) and that you do not have contracted.

In case you don’t remember Apple One offers three contracting modalities, although the third, the top of the range, has not yet debuted and when it does, it will still take some time to reach Spain, as there is currently no date for the deployment of some of the services included in it to our country. Let us remember that in your individual and family modality, Apple One includes Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and extra storage space on iCoud. The premium mode, for its part, also includes Apple News + (an aggregate and healing news) and the future Apple Fitness, which will include multiple training plans, as well as two terabytes on iCloud.

Regarding prices, Apple One individual plan has a monthly cost of 14.95 and includes 50 gigabytes of cloud storage. For its part, the family plan has a cost of 19.95 euros and, in addition to independent and unlimited access to all services for members of the family group (up to five people), each of them will have 200 gigabytes of cloud storage. Let’s see below the prices of each service separately, to calculate the savings proposed by Apple One.

In its individual mode, Apple One includes Apple Music for one user (9.99 euros), Apple TV + (4.99 euros), Apple Arcade (4.99 euros) and 50 gigabytes in iCloud (0.99 euros), which which yields a total of 20.96 euros, that is, it supposes a saving of about six euros per month, 72 euros over a year.

For its part, Apple One Familiar includes Apple Music for all members of En Familia (14.99 euros), Apple TV + (4.99 euros), Apple Arcade (4.99 euros) and 200 gigabytes of iCloud for each member of In Family (2.99 euros). The sum of all services is 27.96 euros), so in this case we are talking about a saving of eight euros per month, 96 euros per year.

How to contract Apple One?

If you are already a user of any of these services or all of them, and you want to contract Apple One, At the moment you will not find any ads in the iOS stores, so you’ll have to “dig” a bit. On your device, open the App Store and, on its main page, click on the image that identifies your account, in the upper right corner. Then, in the section that will be displayed, click on the entry «Subscriptions».

After identifying yourself with your credentials, with Touch ID or with Face ID, you will access the list of subscriptions that you have contracted through Apple and, at the top, you will see

Click on it, and then you will reach the step where you must select if you want to contract Apple One in its individual or family mode. Choose the modality you prefer, click on the button «Start free trial», confirm the «purchase» (remember that the first month is free for all services that you have not previously used) and, immediately, you will have access to all Apple One services. Also, if you have chosen the family mode, all members of the En Familia group will receive notifications that they have access to the services you just hired.

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