Xiaomi presents an inexpensive wireless HDMI

Mijia Paipai is a new wireless HDMI from Xiaomi that allows content to be transmitted from a PC (or compatible mobile device) to an external display, no need for cabling or internet connection.

HDMI has established itself as the great industry standard when it comes to transmitting high definition video and audio content. A standard that emerged to replace the old scart sockets, which has become the reference interface in multimedia devices connected to large screens such as televisions.

And also in PCs to connect components such as the graphic card to a computer monitor, although there it has great competition with Display Port, the other great interface in the industry that was specially designed for transmission of content (video, audio and data) between a PC and a monitor or multiple displays.

Xiaomi Wireless HDMI

And what happens when I cannot or want to use cables to connect two devices through this interface. Wireless HDMI is one solution. Unfortunately, the lack of industry agreement has prevented the production of a single standard that will lower prices and guarantee reliability and the levels of speed and latency for a reasonable experience.

Xiaomi’s wireless HDMI meets at least one of those sections: the price. Its use is very simple. It consists of two dongles that are connected, one to a television or monitor and the other to a USB port of the mobile device or PC from where we are going to transmit, without the need for cables, Internet connection, drivers or special configuration. The first is that the plugs into an included power adapter.

Supports content streaming with maximum resolution Full HD at 60 Hz in a range of up to 10 meters between transmitter and receiver. It officially supports computers with Windows (7, 8.1 and 10) and macOS from version 10.10 onwards.

Xiaomi presents an inexpensive wireless HDMI 33

Xiaomi Mijia Paipai is available on Aliexpress by 47 euros. A fairly low price for what advanced wireless HDMI systems usually cost, which can triple it.


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