Vizio presents its TVs for games with FreeSync and 4K at 120 fps

With the new game consoles just around the corner, and the new RTX 30 and Radeon RX 6000 graphics card families for PC introduced by NVIDIA and AMD seeking the leap to high resolution graphics stability, Vizio has decided to jump on the to the still sparsely populated car of next-generation gaming televisions with the presentation of their new SmartCast 2021 with ProGaming Engine technology built-in.

As we can see in the table shared by Vizio, this update will improve the performance of the black level, the local dimming and the brightness of the SDR and HDR content in its LCD televisions M-series and P-series.Although your M-series will receive even greater treatment, adding also the support for AMD FreeSync variable refresh rate technology, allowing you to achieve low latency performance with graphics 4K at up to 60fps.

But that is not all. The company is also updating its range of OLED displays, which in addition to all the aforementioned characteristics will also include an IQ Ultra processor optimized for gaming, which will allow them to increase their capabilities up to 4K at 120 fps. Unfortunately, this time around the change will come at the sacrifice of FreeSync technology, replaced by a reduction in native flickering.

A sacrifice that in the case of P series televisions, will be changed by resolution reduction down to 1080p at 120fps, maintaining its compatibility with AMD FreeSync Premium technology.

So while none of the new Vizio TVs include NVIDIA’s G-Sync technology, in the press release shared by the company has come forward as the new P-series TVs should easily be able to enable these native picture enhancement options for the new RTX 30s.


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