Concept design of PS5 Slim: this could be the review of the new Sony console

PS5 Slim

LetsGoDigital has published a series of conceptual renderings dedicated to PS5 Slim, a console that does not yet exist, but that will end up reaching the market in a few years, provided that Sony decides to maintain the strategy it has been following until now (all its consoles have had, at least, a mini or “Slim” version).

If we have learned something from the different “Slim” models that Sony has presented so far, it is that the Japanese company it usually keeps the base layout of the original version. For example, the “Slim” version of PS1 adopted the same concept, although it introduced rounded lines that were not present in the original version. PS2 Slim was one of the most faithful adaptations of the original design, and the same happened with PS3 Slim and PS4 Slim.

The trend has been clear, and except for surprise it should be repeated with that PS5 Slim. Although it is still too early to advance its design, these conceptual renderings allow us get an idea of ​​what that PS5 Slim might look like, and the truth is that they look great. That console would be much smaller and more compact, and also more attractive than the original PS5, at least from my point of view.

PS5 Slim: same power, lower price

The “Slim” versions of Sony consoles have many advantages over the original designs. Usually this type of reviews use SoCs that have been manufactured in an improved process, which reduces heat and consumption, two fundamental keys to reducing the size of the console, as well as the complexity of the cooling system. All of the above also contributes to reducing production costs.

A PS5 Slim will therefore maintain all the potential of a standard PS5, but in a smaller size and with a lower selling price. If I remember correctly, PS4 reached the Spanish market with a sale price of 399.99 euros, and PS4 Slim was priced at 299.99 euros, that is to say, the latter cost 100 euros less than the standard model.

It is likely that Sony will end up following that same pattern, and that the PS5 Slim will end up being 100 euros cheaper than the standard version. If this is confirmed, said console would end up having a price of 399.99 euros in its version with optical drive, and of 299.99 euros in its version without optical drive.

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