Ryzen 9 5950X CPU breaks benchmark records

The Ryzen 9 5950X processor is the flagship of AMD’s new processing platform built under Zen 3. An advanced architecture built on 7nm technology processes, which has come with new features in the CCD drive, cache memory, predictor of jumps or the execution engines, together with other optimizations to achieve an improvement in single-wire performance close to 20%.

AMD has opted for versions destined to motorize desktop computers for the premiere of this architecture. They will be marketed as Ryzen 5000 and the model at hand is the star of the series as the highest performing consumer CPU in company history.

Its known specifications already aimed very high in performance, with 16 cores and 32 native processing threads, working frequencies up to 4.9 GHz and 72 Mbytes of second and third level cache. Benchmark and benchmark test results coming to the internet confirm the good feelings who left us this chip in his presentation.

Ryzen 9 5950X, benchmarks

In the test CPU-Z it scored 690 points on the single-threaded benchmark, while on multi-core it hit a whopping 13,306 points. For comparison, the Intel Core i9-10900K delivers 584 and 7,389 points respectively.

Another test where this processor shines is in PassMark, with a value of 3,693 points in single core that exceeds the Core i9-10900K by 16%.

Ryzen 9 5950X

More results come to us from Geekbench 5 with sky-high scores of 1,700 and 14,018 in single and multicore.

Ryzen 9 5950X CPU breaks 34 benchmark records

Remembering that these benchmarks are not the “bible” when we talk about performance, since they are still an approximation and we must wait for other more complete tests that include assessment of tasks that we use in the real world, there is no doubt that this CPU is Great for building a high-performance PC for years to come. Its price is high, at the height of its performance, although AMD will offer other cheaper options.

AMD to officially launch the Ryzen 5000 series on November 5th with the following models and prices:

  • Ryzen 9 5950X: $ 799
  • Ryzen 9 5900X: $ 549
  • Ryzen 7 5800X: $ 449
  • Ryzen 5 5600X: $ 299


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