Nintendo Switch Pro could have a Mini-LED screen

The months (if not the years) go by, and Nintendo still has us waiting for the Switch Pro. Finally, and except for one last minute surprise (which would be most surprising) Everything indicates that the evolution of the Nintendo console will arrive in 2021. And it actually has some logic, since the Japanese company has never wanted to enter the console war, so it would not surprise me at all that, even being in a position to launch the Switch Pro in this last quarter of 2021, they have strategically thinking that it makes more sense to wait until next year, so as not to see its launch overshadowed by the PS5 and Xbox Series.

Additionally, an advantage of this delay, be it scheduled or accidental, is that Nintendo is having the possibility to explore various options for the new Switch Pro and, as we know today from Economic Daily News (in Chinese), one of them would be ditch LED technology to build a Mini-LED screen instead. A change that, if confirmed, would be great news for several reasons, and one more reason to consider the binomial formed by one of the next-gen and the new Switch.

This rumor indicates that Nintendo recently visited the offices of Innolux Corp., a Taiwanese manufacturer that produces Mini-LED panel, which has led to speculation. A theory that makes a lot of sense, since it is a technology especially recommended for mobile devices, and that manufacturers like Apple are also already considering for their devices.

Mini-LED technology offers some advantages over LCD and OLED technology, as it allows for better display backlighting, improving contrast and possibly battery life. If finally Nintendo Switch Pro represents a qualitative leap in terms of its features and, as a consequence, offers 4K video, using a Mini-LED screen would make a lot of sense, especially since would allow greater autonomy thanks to its lower consumption.

While there is still no confirmation of anything from Nintendo, most of the rumors suggest that finally the Switch Pro will not reach 4K, but will stay at 1,080p. However, at this point nothing is certain, and that its launch has finally been delayed until 2021, giving more time for its collaboration with NVIDIA to pay off. Something that, added to the possibility that its screen is Mini-LED, the theory of 4K again makes some sense.


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