Internet Explorer will automatically run Microsoft Edge on incompatible sites

Microsoft Edge compatibilidad con Internet Explorer

You have read correctly: Internet Explorer will automatically run Microsoft Edge on incompatible sites. That is to say, we are not talking about the compatibility mode that Microsoft Edge includes, the one that serves precisely to prevent the millions of clueless – fortunately, there are fewer and fewer – who still use the old Redmon web browser from having the need to follow doing it. Not.

We are talking about Internet Explorer and those who continue to use it, despite being totally out of date. For all of them Microsoft is preparing a change that you may not like, but the one they will have to live with: from now on, when they enter a site incompatible with the browser, Microsoft Edge will automatically launch to display it correctly.

In essence, when Internet Explorer detects that a page is incompatible with its technologies, it will check if Microsoft Edge is installed on the system and will open the page in it, notifying the user of the problem and closing Internet Explorer, unless it has other tabs open. It will happen in a similar way as the following image illustrates.

Of course, there is an essential requirement to comply with this operation, and that is to have Microsoft Edge 87 or higher installed, which should not be a problem if the system is kept up to date. If you look at the image, there is another piece of information to take into account: the migration of all the history and browser preferences.

The latter can be avoided by unchecking the box of rigor, but if you are one of those who hit the next without looking …

Surely there will be those who may consider that this is very similar to the “data theft” that Microsoft’s new browser performs with impunity, but they would not be right in this case, because migration can be rejected before the process, and not after. And there will even be those who remember the “bad arts” that Microsoft displays to promote Edge. But neither.

The strategy is certainly aggressive, but for once Microsoft must be encouraged to implement it ruthlessly, because if it is bad to force the user in one direction, it is worse to allow him to navigate into the abyss. That said, Microsoft also needs to get the hang of it with the compatibility mode with Internet Explorer in Edge.

In another vein, we must remember that both Internet Explorer and the original Microsoft Edge have the end of support scheduled for next year; and on the other hand, the new Microsoft Edge is now available for Linux. What things!



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