Huawei FreeBuds Studio: Huawei’s most pro headphones

Huawei FreeBuds Studio: los auriculares más pro de Huawei

With the FreeBuds Studio, Huawei gives an important qualitative leap in terms of its catalog of FreeBuds headphones. And, in addition, in an analysis of the global situation of the sector, without a doubt we can say that Huawei has known how to get ahead of Apple and its long-awaited AirPods Studio, headphones that we have been listening to for months, but about which we still do not know anything. Be that as it may, Huawei has taken an important step, and then we are going to see what all that these FreeBuds Studio have to offer us.

In its over-ear design, the first and most remarkable thing we find in the FreeBuds Studio is its active noise cancellation function, a technology that analyzes outside noise, processes it and generates a specific signal to cancel said sounds. In this way, acoustic insulation is obtained with respect to the exterior that results in a more pleasant experience enjoying the sound, either in isolation or with audiovisual content (series, cinemas, games, etc.).

Another very remarkable aspect of the FreeBuds Studio is that, according to Huawei, they have uAutonomy of up to 24 hours, which is only reduced to 20 hours when using active noise cancellation. This makes them recommended even for intensive use that takes place, most of the day, away from home, the office and / or any other environment in which it is not possible to charge them more frequently.

For sound reproduction, inside we find two ultradynamic four-layer diaphragms with a resolution of 24 bit / 96 KHz and 48 hertz frequency response. These are complemented by the eight built-in microphones, which support noise-canceling technology.

Regarding its design, Huawei has opted for minimalism, without ornamental elements and, yes, with a robust seven millimeter stainless steel headband. As for the ear pads, and while waiting to be able to test them, the appearance of the FreeBuds Studio gives the feeling that they exert the adequate pressure to stay fixed and isolate the ear, something key if we use the active noise dissipation function, but without pressing too hard, an area where cushion materials are key.

Available in two colors, black and gold, they have, as you could imagine, with cTouch controls to use both playback and call handling functions. In terms of buttons, we find three, those necessary to turn the FreeBuds Studio on and off, to activate, deactivate and start the synchronization mode via Bluetooth and the one necessary to activate and deactivate active noise dissipation.

And since we are talking about Bluetooth, a very interesting aspect is its connectivity, and it is that thanks to it, based on Bluetooth 5.2 and its dual antenna, they offer a range of up to 140 meters, to which is added the possibility of connecting two devices simultaneously. In this way, it is possible, for example, to use them with the PC and, at the same time, have them connected to the smartphone in case we receive a phone call.

Huawei has not yet revealed the specific date that the FreeBuds Studio will go on sale, but what we do know is that their recommended price, when they hit the market, will be 299 euros.

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