Plextor presents the new SSD, M8V Plus

Plextor M8V Plus

Plextor M8V Plus is the new series of solid state drives from the Taiwanese manufacturer specialized in optical discs and flash storage. They are aimed at the mass market and although prices have not been announced, they must be quite cheap.

The moment is ideal for the purchase of an SSD considering that the analysts advance a wide cost reduction of NAND flash memories for this quarter. It is estimated between a 10 and 15% drop in this quarter due mainly to excess inventory.

The SSD offering is vast and improves with new releases almost weekly. Plextor M8V Plus is another one of them and comes as an incremental update to an original series from 2018. It is based on memories KIOXIA 96-layer NAND TLC that replace Toshiba’s 64-layer chips and are available in 2.5 inches and in M.2. They both connect to the SATA interface.

The controller is a Silicon Motion SM2258 updated to its latest revision and is compatible with Plextor’s Plex Compress technology. This feature uses the controller idle time to compress files that have not been accessed for more than 30 days. The feature is essentially an SLC cache the amount of which has increased over the last version.

As we said, these SSDs use the SATA-III interface and offer data transfer performance of up to 560/520 Mbytes per second in sequential read / write and up to 90,000 IOPS in 4K random read / write.

Plextor will market the series in storage capacities of 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. The company classifies them according to their degree of resistance, up to 560 TBW (minimum of Tbytes written) in the version with the highest capacity. All will have a three-year warranty.

Prices have not been announced, but due to their characteristics, target market, the enormous competition in SSD and the high inventory of NAND flash memories that is reducing costs for manufacturers, they must be very economical.



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