Kingston DataTraveler Duo arrives as a dual flash drive for mobiles and computers

Kingston DataTraveler Duo

In a society that increasingly revolves around digital devices, with smartphones as the axis, and a good assortment of personal and work computers as satellites, Kingston has decided to announce the addition of the DataTraveler Duo to its family of flash drives, a dual interface USB that will offer us maximum flexibility and versatility to keep our contents always at hand.

Maintaining a size of only 64 millimeters (very close to that of common USB memory units), this memory has a curious system of sliding caps instead of caps, offering a simple and fast method for its use and protection. As shared from Kinsgton itself, ‘the addition of the DataTraveler Duo adds much-needed functionality to the growing number of USB Type-C devices on the market […] Dual interface and unique dual-slider housing make the unit rugged and stylish, with no plug to lose«.

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And is that the greatest attraction of this portable storage unit is undoubtedly the fact that it has Two USB connectors that work with standard USB Type-A and USB Type-C ports to easily share files between laptops or desktops (compatible with any system starting with Windows 8, macOS v10.10.x, Linux v.2.6.x and Chrome OS), and any mobile device or tablet. All this while offering us the quite remarkable transfer speeds of USB 3.2 Gen 1, with speeds of fast reads up to 100MB per second.

He DataTraveler Duo arrives available in two variants of capacities up to 32 and 64 GB, with an official five-year brand warranty with free technical support. Unfortunately, no further details on its availability date or final price have been revealed at the moment, although further details are expected to be revealed in the next few days.



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