Corsair HS60 HAPTIC Headphones

Corsair HS60 HAPTIC Headphones

CORSAIR, a world leader in high-performance gaming components and peripherals for enthusiasts, today launched the CORSAIR HS60 HAPTIC. The latest addition to the award-winning HS series of PC headsets. The HS60 HAPTIC They offer a deeper and more powerful sound than loudspeakers thanks to the haptic bass that Taction Technology has developed. In combination with the famous features of the HS series, the audio quality and comfort. The HAPTIC HS60s are a remarkable addition to any gaming setup that needs to be heard and felt to be believed.

The essence of the new listening experience of HS60 HAPTIC is the innovative bass of Taction Technology which improves the lower limit of the frequency with tactile feedback. Allowing gamers to perceive sounds that other headphones miss when gaming. Hearing the thud of explosions or the hum of nearby machinery creates a more interesting and rich experience thanks to the HS60 HAPTIC. Combined with a pair of 50mm neodymium custom audio drivers that deliver excellent sound quality and a removable, noise-canceling unidirectional microphone for outstanding vocal clarity, the HS60 HAPTIC they will put you in the middle of the action like never before.

The adjustable helmets of the HS60 HAPTIC They are equipped with memory foam to keep you comfortable in any battle. Their durable construction is reinforced with aluminum so you can use them for years. Its robustness is complemented by a unique camouflage print. Convenient controls on the headset let you adjust game sound and haptic feedback on the fly without interrupting your game. Connect HAPTIC HS60s to your computer via USB and control them with CORSAIR iCUE software, enabling custom audio equalizer settings and more.

Revolutionizing the CORSAIR range of headphones with their unique haptic bass and combined with all the features that gamers have come to expect from the award-winning HS series. The HAPTIC HS60s offer incredible sound that you can feel.

Availability, warranty and prices

The CORSAIR HS60 HAPTIC gaming headsets are available now through the CORSAIR webstore. And from the network of CORSAIR authorized dealers and dealers around the world.

HAPTIC HS60s come with a two-year warranty and customer service. And CORSAIR’s worldwide technical support network.

For up-to-date pricing on the HAPTIC HS60s, see the CORSAIR website. Or contact your local CORSAIR sales or business representative.

To see more information about these headphones you can visit the page official Web by Corsair.

Corsair HS60 HAPTIC



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