Microsoft plans to bring Xbox Series games to Xbox One via xCloud


Little more than three weeks for Xbox Series to go on sale and surely there will be many people considering their purchase to make the leap to the new generation of consoles as soon as possible. Not as much as what you expect for PlayStation 5, taking into account the pull of one and the other, especially if the comparison is made with the current generation.

But Microsoft is putting all the meat on the grill with its new console and, at least for now, it does not give the feeling that we are facing a plausible ‘bump’ like the one experienced with Xbox One. However, it may not be necessary to get on to the Xbox Series car to enjoy the new batch titles, and that is because the Redmond ones have very ambitious plans… for xCloud.

xCloud, yes; not Xbox Game Pass, that subscription service that Sony sees unsustainable, but for which Microsoft is betting very hard, more than it will continue to do so, and that in fact links its subscription with xCloud, whose premiere was recently released and for which the company aims to bring it to other platforms as well, including smart TVs and mobile devices. streaming. Slowly, but surely, they imply.

Xbox Series games on Xbox One via xCloud

Do not get dizzy, because the premise is simple: when Xbox One users have access to xCloud, would it be possible for them to get Xbox Series games? Well yes, according to Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s gaming platform, confesses in a interview with Otaku.

To the question of whether it is possible for this to happen, that is, for Xbox One users to be able to play the next generation titles that are released for Xbox Series, xCloud through, Spencer’s answer is very clear: «When we think of Xbox One, of course, we think that could be a good way to bridge generations and allow people to play those games«.

According to information from Otaku, it is not a priority for Microsoft right now, as it is to push xCloud on PC and iOS, but they do not intend it to take too long either. «I don’t think there will be years to go. It’s just work to be done. We know how to do itSpencer comments.

Microsoft’s stance on this makes sense: doing something like that with new Xbox Series would be a bit strange, like belittling their new flagship and competing against themselves at the same time, not to mention they aren’t there yet. But later, why not? At the end of the day, Microsoft does not do a great business selling consoles: it is in the services where it gets the true economic return, or so it is at least with the rest of the company’s services.

On the other hand, that Xbox One users can play Xbox Series games via xCloud, does not mean they can play everything that comes out for the new generation console: they will have to enter the xCloud catalog and they will not. All in all, it is interesting news for those who already have an Xbox One or are thinking about it, taking advantage of the looming price reduction, although the background of services such as xCloud, Google Stadia or Amazon Luna is precisely its independence from hardware.

Twisting the loop, Microsoft only needs to launch an xCloud application for PlayStation… (no, Sony won’t allow it; it’s just a joke…)

In another vein, yesterday we echoed another fragment of that interview, this one related to the purchase of Bethesda and others by Microsoft, about the possibility that the franchises they manage end up being exclusive to Microsoft platforms. However, there is still nothing clear in this regard.



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