Ten years later, Blizzard will stop creating new content for StarCraft II

Just a few months ago we saw the arrival of the biggest update of Starcraft ii with new achievements, talents and general improvements, coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the game. However, what his players did not imagine was that this was not a celebration, but a farewell. And is that Blizzard has announced what will stop creating new content for the game.

It wasn’t long ago that Blizzard made a similar announcement about Heroes of the Storm, with the withdrawal of a large portion of its development team relocated to the rest of the company’s games. Although it seems that the situation will be somewhat different for your strategy game. While Blizzard kept some developers on Heroes of the Storm to continue producing new content at a slower pace, it appears that StarCraft II will essentially go into a “maintenance” mode, limited solely to keeping the current game running.

Although the game is still far from “dead.” As Rob Bridenbecker, Vice President of Blizzard, has detailed, although the StarCraft developers will no longer produce content or expansions, will still make new season runs and balance fixes to cater to the most dedicated fans and the still present competitions. In fact, in January a new competitive circuit was established through a three-year partnership with ESL and DreamHack.

The big question now is whether this is a signal for the long-awaited arrival of a StarCraft 3 sometime in the future, or if Blizzard is really done with this saga of real-time strategy games. Although everything points to the first premise, with some very positive statements from Bridenbecker himself: “We know that some of our players have been waiting for some of the things that we are drifting away from, but the good news is that this change will allow us to think about what follows, not just with respect to StarCraft II, but the StarCraft universe as a whole”.


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